Algebra Syllabus

Dear Parent or Guardian,

I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself and express my excitement about working with your child this semester. I have a strong passion for teaching high school mathematics because I believe students can grow and develop by examining the issues we cover in class. I feel Algebra is an extremely important step in your student’s development in mathematics. My main goal of this course is to introduce the fundamental aspects of Algebra and work towards extending this knowledge to more advanced math concepts.

In order to achieve this goal, students must work on these concepts in and out of class. I feel homework is very important in this class and realize that not every student has a large amount of time out of class for homework. Therefore, I schedule approximately ten to fifteen minutes of class time for students to work independently on their daily assignments and ask questions as they work. In most cases, if used wisely, is plenty of time to get the assignment done.

I am strongly committed to your student’s achievement in this class. With that said, I am sending this packet home to inform you of the main policies that will be enforced this semester and resources that your student will be provided throughout the semester.  

1.     LATE Work policy. If a student does not hand in the assignment on the required date, it will automatically be marked down 50%. The student then has up to the day of the chapter test in which that particular assignment was assigned to hand it in for 50% credit (Ex. Ch. 4 assignments due before the day of the Ch. 4 test).  Once the chapter test has been taken, all late assignments not handed in will be marked as a permanent zero.

-Special circumstances will be reviewed for students being absent.


2.     Grading Weights and Scale. The grading weights are as follows:

  Grading Weights:                                                Grading Scale

1.     5%    Attendance/Participation      A  100-95  A-   94-90    B+       89-87   

2.     5%    Notebook        B  86-84    B-   83-80    C+       79-77

3.     65%  Quiz/Test       C  76-74    C-   73-70    D+       69-67

4.     15%  Homework      D  66-64    D-   63-60    F   Below  60

5.     10%  Cognitive Tutor     


Grading Weights. These weights indicate what percent of a student’s grade will come from each section. As you can see, 65% of a student’s grade comes from tests and quizzes. To relieve some of the pressure associated with this, students are allowed to use notes and past worksheets while taking a test or quiz. If a student does not keep a math notebook, he/she will not be allowed to use their notes on tests and quizzes. (For math notebook guidelines refer to page 4)

3.     Practice Tests. To further prepare students for an exam, I hand out a practice test a few days prior to the real test. This practice test is very similar to the test they will take for the particular chapter. Although it is not an assignment, I feel those who utilize this resource will do extremely well on the real test. 

4.     All assignments for the week written on the board. All assignments for the week will be published on the board the Monday of every week. Notification of a test will be made at least one week in advance to allow for proper studying time. Time will be given at the beginning of class on Mondays to write the weeks assignments.   

5.     One-on-One tutoring.  I am available to assist/help students before and after school. If a student wants to visit before school, I am usually at the school at 7:20 AM and leave the school at 5:00 PM. I will also be available to meet by appointment at anytime.


I hope that this packet has provided you with a clear picture of what your student will experience this semester in my class. I am really looking forward to working with your student this semester and I am strongly committed to be a partner in each student’s achievement. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact  me at:

319-726-3421 ext.114 

Thank you very much for your time.


Mr. Genz

Mathematics Instructor

Louisa-Muscatine Jr./Sr. High School


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Algebra 1

Instructor:  Mr. Genz



  1. Always be prepared for class and seated in your assigned seat when the bell rings.
  2. Whenever the teacher is talking you are to stay seated and remain quiet.
  3. Respect others and their property.
  4. Return all school property in the condition that it was received in.
  5. For all other questions about the rules see the student handbook.



1.           Verbal Warning

2.           Verbal Warning

3.           Detention and Phone Call Home

4.           Detention and Phone Call Home

5.           Referral to Principal

Required Materials for Class (EVERY DAY):

  1. Math Textbook
  2. Pencils/Pens
  3. 2 inch Binder
  4. Notebook/Notebook Paper
  5. Graphing Calculator (suggested not required)


Assignments (Graded):

***Assignments will only be accepted if they are done neatly in pencil NO INK!

  1. Practice problems from book
  2. Worksheets
  3. Others as assigned


Grading Weights:                                                Grading Scale

  1. 5%    Attendance/Participation            A  100-95  A-   94-90    B+       89-87   
  2. 5%    Notebook                                          B  86-84    B-   83-80    C+       79-77
  3. 65%  Quiz/Test                                         C  76-74    C-   73-70    D+       69-67
  4. 15%  Homework                                       D  66-64    D-   63-60    F   Below  60
  5. 10%  Cognitive Tutor           



Homework Late Policy

It is expected that all homework will be turned in on the assigned date.   However if it is not it will be deemed late and lowered 50%.  Late homework can be turned in up to the date of the test of the chapter the homework was assigned in.  After the chapter test late homework will be given a zero and no exceptions will be given to this policy.


Notes for Tests

Students will be allowed to use their math notebooks on their chapter tests if they have one.  If you choose not to keep a notebook or keep it up to date you will not be allowed to use any notes on the chapter test.


Attendance and Participation

Will be graded using the following criteria daily for a maximum of 25 points each week.

0-    A Student receives a detention or removed from the room

1-    A Student shows up to class late, no homework, no participation, class disruption

2-    A student shows up and commits 3 of the above

3-    A student shows up and commits 2 of the above

4-    A student shows up and commits 1 of the above

5-    A student is on time, homework done, participates, and is not a class disruption


How Homework will be Graded

All homework will be grade on a twenty point scale with the teacher using their discretion on the break down of points in each of the following categories;

1.     15-20 points All problems attempted, mostly correct, and work shown

2.     10-14 points All answers provided with no work and at least half correct

3.     5-9 points All answers provided with no work and at least one fourth correct

4.     0-4 points Some answers, no work,  and zero to one fourth of problems correct

For each problem not attempted 2 pts will be deducted from the overall score (i.e. skip 4 problems –8 points) You are expected to at least try every problem


Chapter Tests and Finals

Students are guaranteed that all chapter tests and Finals will be identical from one class to the next no matter which teacher is teaching the course.


Notebook Guidelines

The math notebook will be graded using the following criteria at set times each year


1.     Three Ring Binder ______________(2)

2.     Tabs (dividers)       ______________(3)

3.     Math Only              ______________(2)

4.     Notes            ______________(5)

5.     Homework            ______________(5)

6.     Test/Quiz            ______________(3)

7.     First Day Material ______________(2)

8.     Neatness            ______________(3)

9.     Organized            ______________(5)

Total            ______________/30